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Session Descriptions

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Atomic Learning - An Introduction to Self-Directed Learning

REVS has a subscription to use this service for students and staff to learn more about how to use various technologies, including how to integrate them into your teaching for higher level student learning. Contact Carrie or Sandy Smith for the username/password for Atomic Learning; it will also be given out at this session.


Designing Student Projects: Windows Movie Maker

Learn the basics of Windows Movie Maker and plan a student project/lesson for them to demonstrate or present their knowledge.


Digital Camera & Video in the Classroom

Learn the basics of using a digital camera/video in your classroom, including sample lesson ideas that incorporate student images and higher level thinking.


Discovery Streaming (formerly UnitedStreaming) - Introduction

Take a tour through the website and learn about what it offers teachers and students to enhance learning, including videos, clips, clip art, and puzzle makers. Find, save, and show videos; create quizzes, find clipart, and more! A GREAT resource for all teachers! For more information, check it out here >>> http://streaming.discoveryeducation.com/  


Excel Basics for Educators

Learn the basics of using Excel for graphing student progress or other formulas or graphing needs; for Intervention Specialists, AIAs, teachers, and staff.

Excel Graphing Educators

(if already familiar w/ Excel basics)

Learn more about how to use Excel for graphing student progress or other formulas or graphing needs; for Intervention Specialists, AIAs, teachers, and staff.


Forms with Word 2007

Create digital documents (fill-in forms) with Word 2007 for students, parents, or colleagues to complete.


Forms with Google Docs

Create digital documents (fill-in forms) with Google Docs for students, parents, or colleagues to complete.


INFOhio & Thinkfinity

Learn how these two resources can help teachers and students with research projects, lessons, and practice for all subject areas and grade levels. Facilitated by library media specialists, Shelley Bertsch and Brittany Fenderson.



Learn how to integrate Inspiration into your lessons for grades 5th or 6th - High School or Adults; for diagramming, concept maps, graphic organizers, and even an automatic presentation creator! See more at the Inspiration website.


iPads in Learning

Part 1 (Introduction), Part 2 (Intermediate), Part 3 (Advanced/Cart Use) - learn the basic uses, specific apps for learning activities, and how to manage the synched cart iPads (if applicable)

Kidspiration / Elementary Interactive Lessons Using Kidspiration

Learn how to integrate Kidspiration into your lessons for grades K-4th or 5th; for diagramming, concept maps, graphic organizers, and even GREAT math tools! See more at the Kidspiration website.


Mail Merge in 2007 (with Word & Excel) 

Learn how to make labels (repeating or different ones), address letters, or write form letters (personalized letters to large groups) using the Mail Merge wizard.


Office/Word 2007 - Introduction

Get familiar with the new design of Office and Word 2007 -- Find out where the most common tools/actions are now hiding!  


PowerPoint Presentations & Project Ideas

Come learn about NEW ways for you and your students to use this old, but versatile presentation tool! It's now easier than ever! Also spend time developing/refining a student project idea for them to use PowerPoint 2007/2010


SOCS-Webpages / Creating/Updating Your Teacher Webpages (with SOCS)

Refresh your memory on making teacher/department/group webpages using the online SOCS program. Have you been putting this off for WAY too long now??? Help parents (and students) learn more during non-school times, get organized, see upcoming events/projects/homework and more! Come get started and work on this throughout the summer!


Slideshows & Movies with Windows Movie Maker

(for new Windows 7 laptop users) Learn the basics for your own or student-generated slideshows/movies; project ideas and will be discussed as well


SMART Board sessions (Intro, Intermediate, & Advanced) 

See full list of each session here


SMART Notebook 11: New COOL Features (Summer-Fall 2012)

Learn about the new Notebook tools/strategies that can be used to engage your students.


SMART Notebook: Lesson Activity Toolkit (Lesson Redesign)

Explore, fine, redesign, and create lessons for this year… and find out how to share with other teachers


Tech I - Computer/Internet for Educators (for Mac or PC)

Learn/relearn the basics of using your computer, including file management, programs/applications, printing options, PDF creation,  Internet searches, browser settings, favorites/bookmarking, printing/saving options, using tabs, history, customizing toolbar, downloads (finding them), and much more! This session would be beneficial for anyone who 


Tech I - Office 2007 (PC/Window users only) 

See Office/Word 2007 listed above


Using Word's Smart Art Tool for Graphic Organizers & Visuals

How to use Smart Art for graphic organizers (to teach) or for students to use to display their understanding/learning. See tutorial HERE


Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom - Create, Share, Reflect, Collaborate 

Learn about the what, how, and why of using web 2.0 tools for student projects, communication, and reflection. Some examples include: blogs, wikis, Glogster, Wordle, VoiceThread and others.


Web 2.0 Tools: The Best Of...

Explore features and educational uses for popular tools like Wordle, Glogster, Prezi, and MeetingWords


YouZing YouTube for Learning

Learn effective/efficient ways to use YouTube videos (and/or TeacherTube, etc.) in your lessons… including finding, saving, converting, sharing, & embedding videos in webpages or Notebook files, and using screen masks to hide the other stuff




Quick Tips Sessions

Spend 30 minutes now to save MANY minutes in the future...

30 minute MS Office/Word Tips & Tricks Session

Want a quick session on some tips and “tricks” on using MS Office and Word more effectively or efficiently? Come learn about 10 quick practices or settings that will save you (and your students) time!


30 minute SMART Board Tips & Tricks Session

Want a quick session on some tips and “tricks” on using the SMART Board more effectively or efficiently for your lessons? Come learn or share some of your own tips and tricks!



21st C. Skills

Online surveys 




Blogs & Wikis

Digital Storytelling


Delicious for Educators

SMART Board - LAT 2.0 

SMART Board - 30 min. Tools, Tips, & Tricks Sessions

Videos in the Classroom & More (with Discovery Streaming Online Resources)

Twitter for Teachers



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