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Rossford Schools is pleased to announce their participation in the

Teacher Planning Grant from eTech for the 2011-12 school year.

The grant project is called Technology Education for Student Success (or TESS)

and is a $100,000 grant from eTech.



In partnership with BGSU, Miller City Schools and Fort Meigs Elementary in Perrysburg, a group of Rossford High School teachers will participate in high-quality professional development throughout 2011-12 focused on 21st century teaching and learning, including the integration of educational technologies to plan and support teaching and learning. In particular, RHS teachers will learn how to effectively integrate a student response system to aide in classroom assessments, discussions, and overall learning as well as learn about a variety of other teaching strategies and technology tools or resources to ultimately improve student learning. 



Main Project TESS site - http://sites.google.com/site/projecttess/   

Project TESS Ning Community - http://www.iste-community.org/group/projecttess 




Resources for TESS Teacher Participants


  • 3/20/12 - Review: SMART Response Uses/Tips (from Breanne)
    • Use grade export (to Excel) for getting grades... (Response menu >> Export Results to >> Excel) OR use the (Response menu >> Print >> Results) for a detailed listing for each student. Either of these results can then be entered into PowerTeacher/your gradebook (So... you don't have to use Teacher Tools grade book to export the grades... unless you like this process!) Here's the video (3:07)


    • Use Instant Questions for non-graded feedback ( with students logged in or anonymously) - Yes/No, True/False, Multiple Choice, Type #s, Type Text (up to 20 characters) Here's the video! (4:45) 
      1. Plug in receiver
      2. Response menu >> Start Class (pick one)
      3. Students Sign in on remotes (or use Anonymous mode)
      4. Pick an Instant Question (with or without an image from gallery) - US map example
      5. Do more, if you like...


    • If you want the assessment graded with % and total scores, use a Title Page, then add your question slides (grades show in Teacher Tools and/or can be exported into Excel spreadsheet)
      • If already have all the questions (say in a Word document or PDF), you can just make an Answer Key (go to Response menu >> Create Answer Key) Here's the video (4:02)


    •  Self-Paced SMART Response Assessment (quiz/test) - students take it at desk w/ printed questions (like a "regular" quiz/test) (go to Response menu >> Print >> Questions) Here's the video (2:07)
      • You can also use this for Homework checks (score their answers)
      • You can also use this with something else projected on the screen (an image, website, etc.)
      • For student results... (Response menu >> Print >> Results) then type grades into PowerTeacher















Files from Sessions:

1 -

2 - ATC (student instructions); See light blue highlights above for SMART Response files/info

3 - eTech Conference;  Edmodo site; 

4 - Assessment Options: Formative & Summative

5 -

6 -

7 - Google Forms Intro (webinar recording)Google Forms Advanced (webinar recording); 32+ Uses for Google Docs



Grant Participation Schedule


Spring 2011

  • May 17 - Grant coordinators' meeting in Columbus
  • (TBA) May 23-June 3 - Grant coordinators' meeting at BGSU


Summer 2011

  • Aug. 16 - Grant Kick-off 


Fall 2011 -- See TESS Calendar

  • Professional Development (PD) sessions at REVS (2-3 hours each), offered 2x/month in Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec (~8 sessions)
  • Professional Development (PD) sessions at Perrysburg and Miller City (REVS teachers can attend these as well) -- TBA


Spring 2012 -- See TESS Calendar 

  • Professional Development (PD) sessions at REVS (2-3 hours each), offered 2x/month in Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr (~8 sessions)
  • Professional Development (PD) sessions at Perrysburg and Miller City (REVS teachers can attend these as well) -- TBA 
  • Spring Showcase at BGSU - May 1 (5-7pm) 













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