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i.C.A.N.D.Y. - 21st Century Teaching & Learning Goes Visual!

Vision is our primary input for daily life and learning, so why not focus (pun intended!) on integrating it more in your classroom? Come learn about a selected sample of technology tools and teaching strategies that allow students to create, synthesize, summarize, communicate, analyze, and share their understanding.             


(made with Spell with Flickr - http://metaatem.net/words/ )


 innovations to...

Create (Communicate, Collaborate, Critically think) &

Analyze, which are

Needed to teach

Digital citizenship to the


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Page Contents:






- Mac - press these keys...

(for a whole screen picture)... Apple (or Command) + Shift + 3

(to select the picture size)... Apple (or Command) + Shift + 4, then cross hairs appear for you to click/drag (select) your area to take a picture of

These both create a picture file that will appear on the desktop, usually a JPG, and titled "Picture 1" or "Picture 2", etc.

          --->>> You can also use the Grab application, found in Applications>>Utilities, but the default file type is a TIFF, which is not accepted in some programs or websites, etc. (See next message how to change the default file type)

          --->>> To change the format of the image created with Grab or the keyboard commands, see this site: http://andytseng.com/?p=68 


- PC/Windows - Windows 7... Use the Snipping Tool! (yeah, finally!!!) Otherwise...

     - press the "Print Screen" key, then go to the place you want the picture to appear (such as in a Word document or Power Point) and PASTEYou will probably have to crop away some of the screen shot you took, then move it into position, as needed. Here's a video to show you how to do so on a Windows PC...

- using the Paint program - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wRKj95JyS4 

- or use Jing for screen shots AND screen videos (up to 5 min.) -- see more below 



iCANDY Tools, Descriptions, & Uses            SURVEY



What is it? / What can it do?

Uses for teaching/learning

- Animoto


Upload or use their pictures to create a montage accompanied by music -- 30 seconds for free (or pay-for options)

Student presentation, lesson or unit teaser, PSA (public service announcement) or commercial, portfolio of art works created, autobiography, digital storytelling...


- Aviary


Free online tools - image editor (like Photoshop), screen capture, music creator, audio editor, vector editor, and more!

Use to edit pictures, create illustrations (vector drawings), create music, edit audio recordings, and more -- for presentations, simulations, discrepant events, artistic creations, and more...


- Cmap Tools


Cmap = Concept Map... create simple concept maps or diagrams that can include diagrams, hyperlinks, and attachments. Save created files to your computer or host it on a school server or the IHMC servers for free.


Student project or research paper planning, concept mapping for simple or complex topics, collaborative concept mapping, presentation outline (click links to various topics of discussion)...

- $ - Comic Life



Create comic book pages, storyboards, picture albums, tutorials, and more

Alternative to poster presentations, sequencing or process diagrams (first this, then, followed by...), quick diagram annotations, fun/crazy picture editing...


- $ - Excel (charts, graphs)



Turn numbers into images (charts/graphs) for students to analyze

Chart student progress/grades (have them do the same!), track weather over time, science or social studies data analysis, math formulas...


- Flickr

or Skitch



or Morgue File

or TagGalaxy 


Although blocked in many schools, this site for picture (and video!) sharing, viewing, and commenting has become a treasure trove for amateurs to professional photographers... and some images are free to use for educational purposes (search for them at Creative Commons click on "Find")


Like other image sites (Picsearch, Google Images, etc.), students and teachers can search the contents for projects, lessons, examples, and more! Plus, students and teachers (or classrooms) can also have their own Flickr page to host their images for easy retrieval and allow comments from others.

- Glogster



Online poster creation tool that also allows for commenting. Use text, images, video, and hyperlinks on the poster. Plus you can save the image as a JPG, if needed.

Another creation tool that allows students to show their synthesis of ideas mixed with creativity in one location, one image. Teachers can set up student accounts very easily and monitor usage. Pay for service is also available.





- Google Earth


Explore the Earth's surface (and the moon, stars, Mars, oceans) like never before. "Fly" to various locations, zoom in or out, go to street view to look around (in many locations), or create your own trip to places one after another. View as satellite imagery, maps, or terrain.


Tutorials for how to use Google Earth -



More educational uses:



- $ Inspiration / Kidspiration Inspire Data


Inspiration - (gr. 5-adult) concept maps, diagrams, graphic organizers, picture diagrams, Venn diagrams, and a presentation generator! MANY pre-made lessons to start with plus an online community.


Kidspiration - (gr. K-4) concept maps, diagrams, graphic organizers, picture diagrams, Venn diagrams, and great math lesson manipulatives/simulations! MANY pre-made lessons to start with plus an online community.


InspireData - visual representations of data from graphs and charts to Venn diagrams and more; create surveys and analyze the data


Too many to list... see their online samples or the online community ( http://www.inspiration.com/community/ )

- Jing


Download this software to create screencasts (video recordings of your monitor screen) that can be saved locally or uploaded online and given a URL (web address). You can also create screen shots that can be annotated with arrows, shapes, text and more
Record tutorials of "how to do this" from any website, software on your computer, or basic explanations such as for a student folder of work (portfolio). For screen shots, take an image of something from a website or on your computer, annotate it, and then share it on a web page, printout, worksheet, quiz/test, etc. Have students make screen casts or screen shots of things they can use for their presentations, portfolios, or other assessments.

- Newsmap


On one webpage, see what news is happening -- from national news to sports, business, and entertainment, from the U.S., Spain, U.K., France, India and many more

Great for current events as well as general practice with reading diagrams (Ex. - what does size, color, tint mean?). Constantly updating, so best used with newer computers (3 years old or less)


- Panoramio


A combination of Flickr and Google Earth -- see images from all over the world taken by anyone who uploads and shares them.

Add photos from your town or a field trip; visit remote locations and explore the Earth's surface/terrain as well as close up pictures of landmarks there.


- Picasa (PC or Mac) or  


iPhoto (Mac)


Digital photo editing and storage/organization programs (can even store video now). Picasa is a Google tool, iPhoto from Apple (for Macs only). Both also include pay-for options for photo gifts or books.


Use these to organize your images and even video... from screen shots to PDFs, scanned images, or JPGs, GIFs, and your digital photos. Edit them here with simple editing tools (rather than pay money for higher end editors like Photoshop or Elements) and even make photo books or gifts (some teachers use the photo album feature to make their own class "yearbooks" or "project samples" books - but these cost money.


- Picsearch


Quick, simple, fairly safe way to search for images on the web. Main page always shows the 4 most popular image searches at that point in time.


Current events (what are the 4 images and why are they in the news); image searching for other projects

- $ - PowerPoint (PC or Mac) / $ - Keynote (Mac)

Presentation software usually used in a linear (one-way) and "live only" fashion

A long-time stand-by that can be jazzed up quite a bit beyond the traditional linear presentation of mostly (or all) text... how about some images... or ALL images (and then just talk)!?!? Or, what about creating a table of contents and then posting the PPT or Keynote online for others to view/review all or some as needed or preferred?


- Prezi


or less impressive, but very effective, is...




A new way to present information with "click and zoom" feature that steps the viewer through a large diagram by zooming into various areas to tell a story or give information.




- Spell with Flickr


Type in a word or two and a variety of letters (pictures from Flickr) show up to spell what you entered. Click on individual letters to get a different version, if you choose. Take a screen shot to keep the word as one.
Graphics for any project (teacher or student); Spelling/vocabulary - print different letters, cut, laminate and have students make words with them; Design - create your own letters

- VoiceThread


Although seemingly about voice... the image is a big part of the site. Upload images, videos, and/or annotate on screen (label an image, do a math problem, draw a picture, etc.)... all with (or without?) talking. You can allow others to "comment" on your VoiceThread, including video comments, audio recordings, typed, or even via cell phone (for a fee after some free). There is a free and pay for option.

Teacher-created: for tutorials, instructions, sample projects, homework or test review, department discussions, online staff yearbook (careful there!), etc...


Student-created: same as above (add to some of yours or they create their own), field-trip or guest speaker thoughts (take pix to upload, then they comment on them), club/group/sport event updates, daily announcements, etc...



• Presentation sample (no voice; slideshow only) - Truman

Picturing Writing (Elementary - class activity)

Catcher in the Rye MashUp (Secondary - student project)

Using SMART Notebook recordings (protractor lesson) - record a lesson for students and play it back on VT


- Wall Wisher

or similar...

Linoit (online stickies)



A live bulletin board to quickly post a short message, idea, to-do or ???

Use for brainstorming, pre-class ideas or questions, homework problem answers or review, think-pair-share, notes or highlights for a chapter reading, ...





- Wordle


WordSift - Word Clouds w/ Thesaurus, Image search, & text highlight - http://wordsift.com/ 


Tagxedo - word cloud images - http://www.tagxedo.com/



Type or paste in a bunch of words and get a word image. Words appearing more often are larger and vice versa. Colors, fonts, and languages can be modified and images can be screen captured, printed, or saved to the Wordle gallery.


Paste a famous speech to see most common words used (or least); students paste in their essay to see if any words are overused or to create a unique cover page; create images with specific meaning by typing in the words you want to appear (and how large... type more often); paste information from a book or web page and have students determine the content or angle/intent of the book or site...




- YouTube / TeacherTube

or Rushton Hurley's Next Vista


and now (9/2011)... YouTube Teacher Channel (with lesson ideas!!!)



(or Vimeo)

Websites to view, share, or comment on videos uploaded by anyone with an account.  (Vimeo is a great alternative to YouTube and not blocked as often... but check with your tech staff)

Use for video clips for your lessons (if blocked in school, use sites such as Zamzar or KeepVid to download the video to use from your computer or flash drive); have a classroom page where student work is featured (minus their real names or identifiers) and have parents, relatives, and other students comment on the videos; embed videos from these sites into your blog or wiki for easy access to them (if you use blogs or wikis already or plan to) -- just find the "embed code" and copy/paste it to the appropriate location, ...



To Submit an iCANDY tool, integration idea, or comment,

email your post entry to: (given at session...)

and view at the iCANDY blog...

QR Code to Blog:

To the iCANDY Audience-Participation Blog

See your submitted ideas and comment on others!  


 Infographics... the "next big thing" in visual learning!

New site to check out...

Visual.ly - infographics galore... coming soon (sign up HERE - http://visual.ly/i44oc for updates)


     Samples of Infographics... (Google search for Infographics examples


Article - infographics --http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/08/23/teaching-with-infographics-places-to-start/


Graphs/charts for critical thinking (WARNING for inappropriate content -- cut/paste the "good ones") - http://graphjam.memebase.com/ 
Free Mind Map downloads -- self-help and more - http://blog.iqmatrix.com/free-downloads



Image Search Tools



Visual Editing Tools/Software for Macs or PCs

Images (store/ organize/ edit)

Picasa (edit/organize)

Photostory 3 (edit, slideshows)

Video editing


Movie Maker




Hardware for Visual-based Learning

  • $$$$ = $1000+
  • $$$ = $300-999
  • $$ = $100-299
  • $ = less than $100
Hardware  Relative Cost 
Projector and "regular" screen $$-$$$ If an IWBs are too expensive, try just attaching your computer to a projector... Allows for MOST visuals you'd like to do. Students can use interactive sites, but will need to use the mouse/keyboard rather than touch the screen -- try a wireless mouse and keyboard for this! (some might say that's cooler than an IWB!)

IWB - Interactive white boards (SMART, Promethean, eno, Mimio)




If you can afford them, these are great!

Document Camera: Point2View by iPEVO



GREAT for the price - about $70 as of Feb 2011

Document Camera: Samsung, SMART, AverMedia, etc.


$$$ Video on using SMART doc cam
Digital Camera: various; images AND video
$-$$ Get one with at least 8-10 megapixels (that's PLENTY, despite what your friends might tell you!!! UNLESS you are printing a 20"x30" poster print, then you'd need at least a 12 megapixel camera... anything larger, you can print billboard-sized!)



T.I.P.D.O. - Technology Integration Professional Development Oath... See below



Make Some "Cute-sie Visual Stuff" (CVS) - Check out these websites

- Make animated GIFs (WARNING for inappropriate content/ads at times -- do "off-projector" or out of student view)
     - http://picasion.com/ 
     - http://gifup.com/

- Make glittery text (see below) - http://gifup.com/glitter

GIF animations generator gifup.com

- Make big, animated text - http://textanim.com 
- Spell with Flickr (shown above too, but it's "cut-sie"- http://metaatem.net/words

- Wigflip - http://wigflip.com/  -- Create  Sticky Note, Tiny Tags (sales tags), Speech Bubble, Sign Bot (an animate LED sign), Street Sign , Motivational Poster, & more!




The "Hopper" :: Other iCANDY Websites (to be sorted and/or tested some more...)

                                             What do you think of these?


**** ScoopIt (in beta... need approval) -- My curated ScoopIt on 21st Century Learning



- Video - http://goanimate.com/    

          - http://jaycut.com

          - Kahn Academy - video tutorials - http://www.khanacademy.org/

          - http://www.watchknow.org/


- Just2Clicks (visual online bookmarks)
- Issuu (online magazines, reports, publishing)

- Scrapblog
-www.tikatok.com/ (Make a book - like Scrapblog)



- http://www.wiziq.com/ 
- http://www.dabbleboard.com/



http://cacoo.com/ - online diagrams w/ real-time collaboration
- http://www.comicmaster.org.uk/ 


- Slideshows - (info from SmartEd Services - http://www.teachsmart.org/Teacher%20Resources/Teacher%20Tools/Anchor%20Technology%20in%20Your%20Classroom.aspx  
Kizoa - Creates beautiful looking slide shows, w/ a variety of music, effects, transitions to choose from.
Shwup - Great site for creating private collaborative slide shows w/ a number of admin features, such as the ability to allow comments.
Photo Peach - Very unique site that allows users to create quizzes in their slide show through multiple choice questions.
Animoto - One of the most popular sites around w/ an educational instance - nuff said.
Slideroll - A very nice site site that allows the user to make private or allow comments.
Flixtime - Easy to use site where a user uploads photos and selects audio and transitions and then gets a code to embed into their site.
One True Media - Great site to create animated slide shows w/ video.
PhotoSnack - Very user friendly site w/ a drag & drop interface.
Pho.to - Create flash based slide shows and get an embed code to put it on a site.
Vuvox - An excellent site for creating beautiful looking multimedia slide shows.




Edistorm- http://www.edistorm.com/   

- Big Huge Labs - "do stuff w/ your photos" http://bighugelabs.com/ 
- Visual Dictionary - http://visual.merriam-webster.com/index.php 
- Visual Thesaurus ($) - http://www.visualthesaurus.com 



- Timeline Generator - http://www.teach-nology.com/web_tools/materials/timeline/ 

Office doc templates...


MS Excel – How to make timeline in Excel...


Website to insert info...


(a little more complex — students probably need accounts and logins)




- Make Believe Comix - http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/ 
- Kerpoof (create things; K-8) - http://www.kerpoof.com/ 
- Mosaic Generator (makes a mosaic from ONE picture you upload) - http://click7.org/image-mosaic-generator/?create 
        or  http://www.pictosaic.com/photo-mosaic.html 
- Toon Doo - fastest way to create cartoons - http://www.toondoo.com/ 



Social Studies
- LIFE photo archive - 
- History.com Video Gallery - 
- FrogGuts - 
- Virtual Body Systems - 
- Interactive DNA - 
- Illuminations
- Shape Creator
- Create a Graph
- Google Art Project - http://www.googleartproject.com/ 










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